Industrial Refrigeration Maintenance

When it comes to maintaining your industrial refrigeration in Perth, FD Refrigeration are the trusted experts. Preventative industrial refrigeration maintenance is a vital step in ensuring that your refrigeration equipment is in top condition for as long as you need it. At FD Refrigeration, we help you keep your machines and equipment in serviceable shape, preventing any disruption in your service and revenue.


Even the highest-quality refrigeration tools and machines can break down over time, especially with growing demand and other external factors. Constant repair or replacement of equipment can be costly and can be a drag to your business. To prevent untimely failure and to extend the life of your machines, you should have them regularly checked by experts in industrial refrigeration maintenance.


You deserve thorough service.


Just any commercial refrigeration maintenance work will not do. At FD Refrigeration, we focus on maximising the efficiency and output of your system while setting it up to withstand whatever Perth’s summers throw at it. This way, you can rest assured that your equipment stands a chance even against the region’s extreme summer heatwaves.


We aim for quality and accuracy. We understand that commercial refrigeration maintenance is not a one-time process. For this reason, we create a programmed maintenance agreement that entails scheduled visits from us throughout the year. We provide you with a Refrigeration Asset list after each maintenance visit so that you have an accurate idea of the condition of your existing assets.


For issues that involve additional work on your industrial refrigeration, we provide a formal quote to allow you to follow the appropriate channels before you spend on repairs.


We bank on our experience.


FD Refrigeration is part of the Ford & Doonan brand trusted by business owners in Perth for over 30 years. Over the years, our leaders acquired the expertise and experience to not only deliver first-rate services, but also to find the right people for the job. We provide high-quality maintenance and repairs for commercial refrigeration, delivered by our highly trained and certified team of technicians.


To learn more about how we can service your industrial refrigeration, pay us a visit or contact us today!