About Us

Andrew Ford and Kyle Doonan, together with Corey Field, decided to build a new franchise system in the commercial refrigeration industry. Based on over 30 years of experience in air conditioning, service, design and installations in commercial and residential markets we know how to do it and do it better, as we understand our clients and their requirements and expectations.

about us

It was over 30 years ago that Andrew Ford and Kyle Doonan started in both air conditioning and refrigeration, however, within 3 years decided to focus purely on air conditioning. Now we want to go back to our roots and extend the quality brand of Ford & Doonan to Refrigeration. Partnering with our first franchisee Corey Field we are going into the market with one of the best technicians to deliver quality service and maintenance for commercial. Corey Field was trained by Ford & Doonan Air Conditioning from his apprenticeship.


Our success and experience with the Franchise system in the Air Conditioning Industry will be driving FD Refrigeration. Based in Perth, we are looking at expanding the business across the metro area. Knowing how serious issues are when your refrigeration system breaks down, we offer prompt service. The specialist knowledge will help find fast and lasting solutions.


The company’s goal is to deliver outstanding and prompt service to our customers. FD Refrigeration is licensed by Arctick, ensuring high quality standards.


Energy conservation is a high priority for FD Refrigeration. We are always exploring the latest technology and trends, to pass on this knowledge to our clients so they can save money and protect our planet.